TITAN POWER 2020 Version 7.0

So what is Titan Power doing different this year?

We're really excited to be bringing such a revolutionary power source being used in AEG's around the world, a battery that has the performance. the reliability. and the capacity that will change the way we thought of a battery as just being another consumable.

With all the same benefits of their previous iterations:


How could they get any better!? They now have:


And still backed with a full "no questions asked" 1 year warranty!!

Well we've gotta say the version 6 already blew our exceptions out of the water here at Titan Blasters, and to see Titan Power have managed to cram in extra capacity from 2600mah to 3000mah, in the same size pack but not only that... also boost performance from 10C discharge to a 16C rating( the ROF is going to be even better! 💦💦) (what is c-rating) 

For a quick comparison on li-ion vs li-po.
Titans Lithium Ion 11.1v 3000mah 16C is equivalent on average to a Lithium polymer 1600mAh battery with a 30C

The President and Chief engineer of Titan Power has a great blog and video detailing everything you need to know on the new 2020 version 7 product line up.

You can check it out with this link Here 👈.

In summary;

  • TITAN shifted all their production into the United States for total control of their processes from design to quality assurance leading to faster improvements in development.

They Are:

  • Using the best, high performance and most reputable cells
  • The highest quality proprietary wiring harnesses's
  • Using build techniques perfected over years of practice with partners in the UAV space such as NASA
  • And with integrated fail-safes making a battery that’s inherently "not the safest" into a product much safer than other alternatives.

We're avid "watchers" of many air-soft channels on heaps of social platforms just like the rest of us in all gel ball community's across Australia and we have noticed the shift in Air-soft players choosing Titan Power as a part of their kit, Titan Power's dedication and hard work does shine through the quality of their products and we can't wait here at Titan Blasters to get our hands on these amazing 2020 V7 battery's and share the benefits to our community of Gel blasters enthusiasts.

With clear focus on Titan Power until we are able to get back to full operation, diving back into our ambitions of 100% Aussie made accessories like our Aluminium Anodised Outer barrels and Hand-guards and of-course our custom blaster builds in 2021🤞🤞.

we are going to take it step by step in these turbulent times.


For now our site is back up and operational(obviously your on it🤦‍♂️), we will be keeping the updates and info coming as we launch pre-orders up until the 31st of May 2020. Then we will confirm our first  shipment of V7 products.(we are working out logistics now to ensure a smooth process from them, to us and most importantly to you.)

As a small local Aussie business we appreciate any and all support.
Even in the smallest way, of just a like and a share can help us in a great way.

So please if you haven't already like our facebook page @TitanBlasters and give us your feedback if you've already got your self a Titan Power Li-ion Battery pack :) 

For our local comrade's in Cairns we can't wait to see you out on the field again soon!!

Remember Keep it Fun!! Keep it Safe!!

Titan Blasters Out!!