11.1v 3000mah Nunchuck (Tamiya)

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 Voltage: 11.1v
Capacity: 3000mAh
Connector Type: Tamiya
Pack Type: Nunchuck
Discharge: 16C (equivalent of a 1600mAh 30C)
Size: Main 19.5mm thick, 132mm long 3rd Cell 66mm long
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion


The 2020 V7 product lineup can store on average 2-5 times the energy when comparing like voltage and similar size, And with an increase in output from 10C to 16C it is outperforming or matching other batteries on trigger response and ROF.

Titan Power batteries have no fading effects and can hold a charge for months and still be ready to use on game day. in-fact  it'll still be able to store 80% of its original capacity even after 300 charge cycles.

These Lithium-Ion batteries will never puff and become unsafe, Even if your battery has been drained so flat your device can not function, the battery is still within safe operating ranges and can be charged safely back to 100%. 

11.1v 3000mah Nunchuck (Tamiya)

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